• 1S. Vasuki, 2A. Ashok Kumar, B.Bogeshwar, M.Pranod, T.Raveendra


Deep Learning


In state-of-the-art educational machine, to Maintain the student`s attendance record with each day activities is a tough paintings for faculty. The pick out of student called thru college this takes time taking and misplacement of attendance which ends up in proxy attendance. Marking attendance manually isn`t completely time ingesting but more over it ends in unsecure, unreliable and might moreover be manual attendance out of place due a range of reasons like losingrecordsandsoon.TodecorateManualattendancemachinewiththeresourceoftheusage of smart attendance tool plays widespread characteristic to gain manual tool disadvantages. In Now-a-days smart attendance gadget plays crucial role for taking attendance for maintain student`s attendance files in a university database which further utilized in assessment performance.Theeverydayattendanceofuniversitycollegestudentsisrecordedperiodsensiblehatisstoredalreadybywayoftheuniversityadministratorteamandadditionallycollegehaving a duplicate attendance records. The above scenario will takes area on the time corresponding subject`scollegearrivesandloggedintotheirtoolandroboticallystartsoffevolvedtakingsnaps the usage of their identified database to submit accurate and proper attendance will put up withinsidetheuniversityportal.Thedetectingmachineisadvancedthruthemixingofubiquitous factors to make portable machine for taking snaps of college students. It could be coping with and tracking the university college students attendance files using the technological understanding like Face Recognition that is designed in a shape of software program software for a hardware machine.



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1S. Vasuki, 2A. Ashok Kumar, B.Bogeshwar, M.Pranod, T.Raveendra. (2022). FACE RECOGNITION ATTENENCE SYSTEM USING DEEP LEARNING . International Journal of Advanced Engineering Science and Information Technology, 10(6), 69–74. Retrieved from http://ijaesit.com/index.php/home/article/view/94

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