• Mr.Syril Deepak A , Mr.Umar Muktar S


Fuzzy Logic, MPPT, Tea Harvester, solar.


Solar energy is one of the main renewable energy sources that can be used to efficiently charge a battery. The purpose of this system was to design and develop a proof-of-concept Solar powered tea harvester with isolated charging station, which incorporates the fuzzy logic algorithm. A custom maximum power point tracker (MPPT) was designed to extract the maximum amount of power available from the solar panels. This MPPT sampled the voltage and current output of the solar panels and executed the Fuzzy algorithm to determine the maximum power point. In this system consists of Solar panel, Buck-Boost Converter, Isolated Transformer, rectifier, battery. This system is works by DC battery can be charged up via an isolated charging station, charging station of solar panel produce power from solar energy which is fed to buck boost converter to increase or decrease the voltage based on solar energy it generates Pulse based on Fuzzy logic Algorithm. Then the converter is converts to DC-to-DC power Which ensure appropriate voltage to charge the battery, based on MPPT fast charging of loaded battery can be done properly. This model is developed by using MATLAB Simulink program.



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Mr.Syril Deepak A , Mr.Umar Muktar S. (2022). TEA HARVESTER WITH ISOLATED CHARGING STATION. International Journal of Advanced Engineering Science and Information Technology, 10(6), 1–6. Retrieved from http://ijaesit.com/index.php/home/article/view/83