Cultural Resurgence in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson




Cultural past, slavery, family heirloom, future prosperity, family legacy, cultural identity


August Wilson is genuinely concerned for the affected human kind and his play

The Piano Lesson highlights how the impacts of slavery have scattered a pleasant family and its cultural identity. Wilson brings to light the heart rending happenings in the lives of his black brethren through his "Pittsburgh Cycle," which consists of ten plays and each play, set in a different decade.

The Piano Lesson explores how and why Boy Willie and his sister, Berniece fight for their heirloom, a piano. To Boy Willie, it is a token for his future prosperity, by selling it he will become a land owner where his ancestors worked as slaves. To Berniece, it is a family legacy to be preserved. Both of them are concerned about their future, but whether to sell as a musical instrument to get an identity in the society or to carry as a precious symbol of the past to retain its cultural identity. This is the burning issue between the brother and sister to find which is the righteous.



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